Types Of Ads

The SOEC Marketplace offers you two (2) different types of ads which you can select during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while ad is live. Available types are:

  1. Selling
  2. Buying

Types Of Categories

The SOEC Marketplace offers you four (4) different categories which you can select during ad creation. Available types are:

  • Automobilia: Brochures, manuals, magazines, diecasts, posters
  • Dealer Inventory: New Saleen vehicles offered by Certified Dealer
  • Parts: Wheels, suspension, driveline equipment, seats, body kits
  • Vehicles: Complete vehicles or restoration projects

How Can I Contact Seller Or Buyer?

If you wish to retrieve a phone number or to message the user though our website, first create an account

Once you have created your account, access to seller/buyer phone number will be permitted. Visit any of their live ads and you will notice a text block with their contact information.

You may also navigate to their profile page and you will notice a contact button for sending messages through the SOEC Marketplace.

How To Authenticate Vehicle?

Verification of an authentic Saleen vehicle can be handled one (1) of two (2) ways.

First: Contact Saleen Performance Parts (SPP) with the complete vehicle VIN and Saleen identification number. SPP can verify all 1984 through current Saleen vehicles.

Second: Contact Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club (SOEC) with the complete vehicle VIN and Saleen identification number. SOEC can verity select 1984 through 2009 Saleen vehicles.

Saleen Performance Parts can also supply you with a reprint Saleen Monroney Label* (window sticker) and a Letter of Authenticity for a reasonable fee.

*(Replacement Monroney Labels are for select models and years.)

How Auctions Work?

At this time the SOEC Marketplace is not conducting auctions.

How Review System Works?

There are two (2) types of reviews – buyer and seller. First step is to register for an account on our marketplace. Next when you contact a seller/buyer through our message system this will allow you to rate the interaction upon their reply.

Once the seller/buyer responds to your message, you will be able to review this interaction and in the same time the seller/buyer will be able to review you.

When users visit your profile they will be able to see your overall review, as well as a complete list of your reviews that can be filtered by type.

Once you post a review it can not be changed. Also, you and the seller/buyer have an option to respond to a review.

What Are Favorite Ads?

When you have found an ad that you want to visit later or to contact seller/buyer later, you can mark this ad as a Favorite. This will then save the ad to your list of favorite ads which you can access from your profile dashboard.

How To Report Ad?

If you feel that the ad is breaking marketplace rules, you can report it directly from ad page by clicking on the Report button and writing detail reason. A flagged ad will remain active until administrator reviews your message and questionable content in ad.

Revised: March 02, 2019