I am selling Saleen 1995 #49, laser red car, leather Recaro car.

Here is how I bought it. It would start but stumble, and really had no power! It would not drive around the block. It was missing a key gasket in the MAS body so the voltage was jumping all over the place.

Approx 23K miles. Anderson power pipe. Bassani X pipe, 3 inch exhaust system. Not loud, deep but not overly loud. Car was repainted VERY nicely).

Carfax reveals a slight front ended in 1996 I think. New core support at that time.

What I have done.

Remove, repaint,re-install side skirts. I could not open the doors ( mainly the drivers door) so it had to be done, plus the paint was coming off all over. Added NOS Alcon rotors, nice used Saleen Alcon Calipers, new pads. Originals were gone, had wrong brakes installed. Complete AC redo, all new components Clean and tastefully/carefully redye seats to cover some stains in the leather. It took weeks, they are now stunning. Soft, not cracked in any way, head rests are PERFECT.

Added MGW shifter, have old one, it is dead Lightning 42MM MAS air. Have old one. Added Bilstein shocks, all 6. Have original rear shocks Disabled super FMU ( left it in place) added a proper adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and rail mounted gauge to check rail pressure. New tires!

Replaced EVERY suspension bushing with new high tech bushing parts. All in red. Added an MSD box. Replaced after market clutch cable that was binding with an original piece. It has a big boy stiff clutch. That remains. Ford racing wires, stock coil to replace MSD stuff that was causing mis fires. New dash Fuel pressure gauge. NOS from my stash. All gauges now work perfectly. New plugs. Cleaned 42 pound injectors. Dyno tune to rid it of bad habits. Did approx 440 HP ( IIRC) to the rear, it has a lot more in it, but at the time, he sent me away to replace the msd stuff, to bring it back. Jake Lamotta did the tune. He says it has another 50+ HP in with another tune. NO LEAKS!

Pics here  https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/garage/viewMyListings.action?profileOwner=11311424#/